Meet the Team: Azeria

We are kicking off with a meet the team series so you can get to know us and understand what HLH means to us! Let’s get started!

Introducing: Our President and Founder

Azeria Telesford

Hi! My name is Azeria and I am the founder of Hearing the Little Heartbeats. I am a second generation Caribbean-Canadian, and an aspiring physician. I was raised in Australia and am currently in my fourth year of Biological Sciences with a minor in Spanish at the University of Calgary.

My passion and love for medicine and children began at a very young age, when I decided I wanted to be a paediatrician at 4 years old! As I grew and encountered more opportunities to travel and explore the world, these passions became intertwined with a desire to impact health care systems in developing countries where there are just not enough resources available, for variated and complex reasons.

Through mission trips and travel, the desire in my heart to restore hope to the hospitals in Guatemala and to increase the resources available to health care workers dedicated to serving their communities, grew and grew.

Peru Mission Trip 2018

However, acutely aware of my limitations as an undergraduate student, with an incomplete education and few resources, I wasn’t sure there was anything I could do. Determined, I began to brainstorm ways I could do something to help with what I do have, where I am, right now. I spent hours doing research and talking to people who were already involved in efforts on the ground, and found that one area I could hope to affect is that of simply increasing accessibility to medications and supplies through distribution of the abundant resources we have here in Canada.

From there I began developing this idea through interaction with HPIC and Impact Ministries, while compiling a team of my peers with similar passions, and HLH was born.

I am currently working towards medical school and I plan to one day be a part of improving health care for people in developing nations, as a qualified and passionate physician! I am driven by a desire to see improvement, not only in accessibility to medications in developing countries, but improvement also in the ways we in “the west” relate to and attempt to effect change in these areas. I will be authoring the advocate segment of our blog in an effort to educate and inspire my peers interested in global health, to get involved in ways that are ethical, sustainable, safe and culturally aware.

Together we can make an impact on the health of the nations and the generations to come.

“Of all forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.”

Dr Martin Luther King

The mission of WHEF is to increase accessibility to medications and supplies for healthcare facilities in Guatemala and Grenada. If you are interested in hearing more about the work we are doing, or in connecting with us, you can visit our website, check out our instagram or facebook, or sign up to receive our newletters. If you would like to support us in our work, please donate here.

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