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BTG Conference Admission


When: Saturday August 7, 2021

Where: Zoom

Time: 10am -3pm

Admission: $5 donation supporting WHEF’s work toward healthcare equity

At WHEF we believe that increasing diversity in healthcare providers is vital to increasing equity in healthcare provision. Our various backgrounds, experiences, cultures and social circles allow us to approach health from an informed perspective, reduce bias, and effectively care for patients from all walks of life. However, we know that accessing important information, creating a network, and seeing ourselves represented in healthcare fields can be difficult during high school and university. Additional barriers are present for youth that belong to minority or disadvantaged populations, people we very much need in healthcare. 

Therefore, as a part of WHEF’s mission to increase healthcare equity, Bridging the Gap Conference aims to provide resources, information and opportunities to youth from all backgrounds who are interested in entering careers in healthcare. This conference will provide educational sessions, opportunities to connect with local organizations and professionals, and will feature personal stories from healthcare professionals from all backgrounds, especially those typically underrepresented in their fields. We hope to see you there!