Who is the World Healthcare Equity Foundation?

WHEF is a Canadian Non-Profit Organization working to combat the many forms of healthcare inequity in our world. Our team is comprised of young Canadians who are determined to raise awareness and make a sustainable impact.

Meet our Team

Azeria Telesford
Olejuru Anozie
Vice President
Paula Camacho
Director of Operations
Aleitha Telesford
Secretary/Director of Recruitment
Femi Segun-Ige
Director of Communication
Esther Adamson
Research Director

Our mission is to enable healthcare facilities around the world to expand and increase their medical care capacities, while providing education and working to sustainably increase diversity and equity in healthcare.

How do we do it?

We partner with local organizations who are working tirelessly to serve their communities. We raise awareness and funds here in Canada through social media, our blog and all kinds of events. We then purchase medications and supplies for our partners and send them down to these locations through mission teams or shipping companies.

Learn more about our partnership with our oldest partners in Guatemala, Impact Ministries, here

By helping to supply medications that are difficult to access, or very expensive to purchase, we believe we can reduce the number of lives lost due to healthcare inequity.

Together we can impact the health of the nations and the generations to come